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As conflicts and tensions increase throughout the globe it is easy to get caught up in the propaganda from all sides and forget what is important, the human element. As the world observes the back and forth in Ukraine, the shows of force from NATO as they display their hardware. At present other continetal tensions are rising throughout Europe and its borders, in Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and all have the potential to be a flashpoint. In addition there is the real possibility of a large scale conflict in the Middle East due to Israel's ground invation of Gaza in respinse to Hamas attacks on 07/10/23. We believe that these events need documenting and bringing to the forefront. Lucki 13 Media intends to travel to these conflict zones and flash points, to provide real time information as to what is happening, to encourage our audience to conduct their own research and engage with us live. The additional aim of this project is to provide basic aid to the civilians in these areas, not just standby and observe and report on what is happening to them, but to help in any way we can. People and lives seem to be forgotten about in situations like these, rather seen as propaganda tool than a person as well as utilised for political gain. We aim to provide basic aid to these people, food, bedding, clothes and medical supplies as well as the daily necessities. To find out more please visit our crowd funding page or contact us directly.

UPDATE: Project start date is now set for 02/03/24 with the country of Poland. 

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